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We are taking a Sussex-wide approach to skills related conversations with businesses.

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Through our conversation theme we aim to:

  • Enable change.
  • Promote and facilitate collaboration with education and skills providers.
  • Understand workforce challenges and skills needs.
  • Embed the role of business in the development of an appropriately skilled Sussex workforce.
  • Encourage and support businesses investment in the training and development of employees.
  • Monitor impact of the LSIP on employer skills needs.

The partners

The Sussex Chamber of Commerce is the lead for this theme, and we are working with the following core partners to coordinate with and add value to existing 'skills conversations' with businesses.

Our activity

Through research and analysis, consultation and planning workshops we developed a set of recommended actions which form part of a 3-year action plan for each Framework theme.

The overarching recommended actions for Conversation are:

  • Carry out mapping activity to understand what conversations are already happening. Define what ‘coordination’ looks like and identify what the gaps are.
  • Develop a Sussex-wide ‘approach’ to sector-based conversations and collaboration to bring about change.
  • Embed a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion in business engagement to understand good practice and promote opportunities.
  • Raise awareness of and build engagement in local and regional skills initiatives.

View the full action plan here.

Project News

NetZero and Green Skills Research – Future of Green Skills Sussex

The LSIP team has been working with Clean Growth UK, at University of Brighton, on a project around NetZero and Green Skills.

This project has been undertaken as part of our actions with the LSIP Improvement Framework under the Intelligence theme to ‘Build on the sector deep dives with a particular focus on skills for NetZero and climate change; and equality, diversity and inclusion’.

We have taken a sector led approach to uncover the current skills challenges, potential and opportunities for transition in each of the LSIP key sectors.  

The resulting report for Sussex businesses, job seekers and our strategic partners examines the current landscape, local support structures and future prospects of Green Skills.

Read the report here.

Future Skills Sussex and Clean Growth UK would like to invite you to continue the conversation regarding NetZero and Green Skills for businesses at our Green Skills Event.

This will be held on 25 September 2024 at University of Brighton.

The event will include discussion on the key finding of this project, local business talks into how they are dealing with NetZero and the skills they use, identifying your Green Skills needs discussion and an ideas avalanche on how to up skills your workforce.

There will also be plenty of opportunity to network over lunch.

To register for this free event please email skills@sussexchamberofcommerce.co.uk.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) research

Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse workforce

The LSIP team has now completed the project which has built on the sector deep dives undertaken as part of the LSIP development. This project has a particular focus of improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) knowledge and understanding in businesses to improve workforce skills and practices to recruit and retain staff.

Our aim was to delve deeper into the realms of Equalities, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) within the local business community to research and report on examples of good practice in local businesses.

We believe that fostering a diverse and inclusive environment is not just morally right but also commercially astute. It's about shaping a future that values everyone's contribution and provides equal opportunities for growth and success.

The resulting report for Sussex businesses, job seekers and our strategic partners provides:

  • a shared resource of useful tools and information to assist businesses in enhancing their EDI approaches.
  • access to valuable local and national EDI data to inform business strategies and thinking.
  • information on the support organisations and initiatives across the Sussex area available to businesses to support them engage and retain a diverse workforce.

Read the report here

Inclusive pathways to Employment: Unlocking the talent of neurodiverse individuals and people with learning difficulties in Sussex

The LSIP team have now finalised this research and report as a key action within the LSIP Intelligence theme of the Future Skills Sussex Improvement Framework to "Build a picture of existing programmes to support people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) and those from disadvantaged groups into employment within key sectors."

Our goal is to foster a more diverse, skilled, and inclusive workforce in Sussex, benefiting not just neurodiverse individuals and people with learning difficulties but the broader business community and society as a whole.

By undertaking this review, we aimed not just to map the current landscape but to highlight and share good practice and suggest actionable strategies for improvement.

The resulting report for Sussex businesses, job seekers and our strategic partners provides:

  • an evidence base of key information regarding neurodiversity and learning difficulties within the workplace, including benefits for employers and the support available to businesses across Sussex.
  • Local provision and examples of good practice.

Read the report here

Inclusive Pathways to Employment: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Neurodiversity Events

As part of the research and reports detailed above, we’re excited to announce two upcoming events focusing on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and Neurodiversity in work.

These two events will launch our recent research and reports while providing a space for stakeholders to exchange knowledge and best practices, hear from employers sharing their inclusive employment journeys and how to tap into pools of talent within diverse communities.

There will also be an opportunity to network over lunch.

We plan to hold these events in September, so watch this space for further details.


Learner Focus Project Findings

We are pleased to share our recent Learner Focus Project report with our partners and businesses across the Sussex area.

The following report contains background, key findings and suggested actions from a short project that was undertaken due to a gap we identified in our intelligence during the development of the LSIP report. Throughout the LSIP process we have spoken to employers and providers but had not yet engaged with learners. The aim was to undertake a series of workshops with learners and adults seeking employment in order to hear their views on employability skills and future employment.

In order to undertake the project, we worked in collaborate with LSIP partners and providers, including colleges, universities and Restart providers (a support programme for unemployed adults) across the Sussex area in order to speak with their learners. In addition, we were invited to speak with the Youth Hub in the Brighton & Hove area and the Connected Futures project being run by CXK in Hastings.

We would like to thank all these organisations that were involved and supported this project.

The link to the report can be found on our here.

Any feedback or queries regarding this project please contact us at skills@sussexchamberofcommerce.co.uk

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