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Local Skills Improvement Plan

What is a Local Skills Improvement Plan?

Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) were introduced in the Skills for Jobs White Paper in January 2021 and now form an integral part of the Skills and Post-16 Education Act 2022. They are a key part of the Government’s transformational vision of the skills system where businesses, particularly SMEs, are given a much stronger voice in local skills planning. The plans will help ensure provision is more responsive to emerging and changing skills needs and being locally driven, can be tailored to the challenges and opportunities most relevant to the area.

What area does the Sussex LSIP cover?

The Sussex LSIP incorporates the local authority areas of Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex.

It covers a large and diverse geographical area encompassing a lengthy coastline stretching from Chichester in the West to Rye in the East, large swathes of rural land to the north and a highly populated and productive spine running north through the centre of Sussex from the city of Brighton & Hove through to Crawley, the home of Gatwick Airport.

More detail on the local strategic context of the Sussex LSIP area can be found here.

An overview of the Sussex Local Labour Market can be found here.

Future Skills Sussex - Full Report

What's is its purpose?

Its purpose is to:​

  • Provide a comprehensive and accessible evidence base for Sussex, giving an overview of the labour market and setting out the skills needs of the key sectors.
  • Deliver a unified approach to meeting the skills needs across Sussex, adding value to existing provision and promoting the importance of lifelong skills development and careers education​.
  • Promote and facilitate collaboration with employers to embed their role in the development of an appropriately skilled Sussex workforce​.
  • Identify skills initiatives that support businesses and residents in Sussex through the cost-of-living crisis, the ongoing impact of COVID, whilst addressing the opportunities and challenges brought about by Brexit.
  • Articulate the skills, capabilities and expertise needed for jobs in Sussex that directly contribute to or indirectly support Net Zero targets, adaptation to Climate Change or meet other environmental goals​.
  • Encourage and promote best use of public and private sector investment into the existing and future Sussex workforce​.

Future Skills Sussex Improvement Framework

We have developed the Future Skills Sussex Improvement Framework to address the Sussex-wide skills challenges, gaps and needs emerging from the LSIP.

The framework themes are Intelligence, Conversation, Innovation, Offer and Talent.

We have worked with partners to clearly define the area of focus for each theme and agreed that there will be close interdependencies between the themes and that each will inform the development and progress of the others. For example, findings from the Intelligence theme will be fed into the Conversations with businesses and also into the development of initiatives, programmes, and courses within the Innovation, Offer and Talent themes.

Each theme within the Framework has its own accountability in the form of a partnership framework and an overarching set of principles developed collaboratively by the Future Skills Sussex partners. These will set the parameters for each theme and provide the assurance that partners will need to participate in the associated activity.

Each theme has a lead partner/s to provide leadership and support for other partners. Through their existing networks across Sussex, these lead partners would:

  • Liaise with core partners through their networks.
  • Develop and own a partnership framework and action plan.
  • Provide a link into the LSIP governance.
  • Take the lead on any relevant task and finish groups.

Each theme will also have core partners, although this may changeover time and other partners will be involved as and when relevant. 

The full Framework sets out the action plans for each theme, expected outcomes and progress to date.

Future Skills Sussex LSIP report and annexes

Below is the LSIP report for Sussex, and associated annexes, which have been approved by the Secretary of State.

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Future Skills Sussex Governance

The Sussex Chamber of Commerce and its Board have overarching responsibility for the development and delivery of the Future Skills Sussex LSIP and Improvement Framework.

The Future Skills Sussex Board has direct oversight of the development, delivery, monitoring and review of the LSIP. The current Chair of the Future Skills Sussex Board sits on the Sussex Chamber of Commerce Board and, along with the CEO, ensures accountability and transparency. Its members come from our key sectors, local education and skills providers and strategic agencies.

Each of the themes within the Future Skills Sussex Improvement Framework has its own working group, partnership framework, operating principles and action plan to provide the required accountability.

Information on the LSIP team and governance arrangement can be found here.

Our Conflict of Interest Policy can be found here.

Our Conflict of Interest Register can be found here.

Ana Christie
CEO, Sussex Chamber of Commerce
Andy Sparsis
Founder, Proto Restaurant Group
Carla Butler
Head of Skills & Employment, Brighton & Hove City Council
Carolyn Carr
Economic Development Strategic Lead, West Sussex County Council
Dan Shelley
Non-Executive Director, Sussex Chamber of Commerce
Donna-Marie Janson
Principal and CEO, Varndean College
Ian Chisnall
Account Manager, Ashdown Audio Visual
James Harris
Assistant Director, Economy, East Sussex County Council
Kim Byford
Project Director Talent Accelerator, De La Warr Pavilion Charitable Trust
Liane Richardson
HR Director, Thakeham Homes
Nigel Richardson
CEO, Custom Pharma Services
Pro. Simeon Keates
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Chichester
Simon Pringle
CEO, Red River
Simon Roberts
Head Wine Maker, Ridgeview
Steve Noakes
Manging Director, Pyroban Limited
Vanessa Potter
Chief Executive, Sussex Council of Training Providers (SCTP)
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